What is Max My Points?

Being rewarded, and importantly
utilising your rewards,
shouldn’t be hard work.

We believe that if you put the work in, you have the right to enjoy the benefits. Max My Points is the leading online Reward Engine designed to help you navigate the complex world of loyalty reward programs.
We want to help you get the absolute most out of your reward programs, simply because you deserve nothing less.

Find the Best Rewards Program

With so many reward programs out there, it’s hard to know which is the best fit for you. Our online Reward Engine has been uniquely crafted so you can receive personalised, free information about which credit card and frequent flyer reward programs will give you the maximum benefit.

Earn More Points

Whether you’re flying for business or just have the travel bug, Max My Points is for everyone. Our Reward Engine knows how to maximise your current points and keep them growing. Stop wasting your time with reward programs that don’t deliver, and start to earn smarter.

Discover Where You Can Go

Max My Points can put your travel dreams into focus. We show you how many points you need to fly to a particular destination. Our Reward Engine also lets you know the best flight options based on your individual profile. We want to help you redeem those well-earned points, so we make sure to show you the massive range of possibilities out there.

Travel for Free*

The good stuff – the rewards! Max My Points helps you build your point balance so you can fulfil your travel goals. Whether you want to travel business for the price of economy, or reduce your travel expenses, Max My Points allows you to be the high-flying, globetrotter you’ve always wanted to be. It’s time to reward yourself.