How it Works

Wherever you are on your reward journey – whether you’re just starting out or well on your way – the Max My Points Reward Engine allows you to unlock travel and reward opportunities that are tailored to your needs and no one else’s. It’s innovative design makes it easy for you to search, find and compare the best reward programs available.

We make it simple, so you can enjoy your rewards sooner.

First Things First

So you can receive results tailored to your personal circumstances, we’ll need a few details from you to get the jets fired up. Just type into our Reward Engine your annual spends, an overview of your current points, and where you’d like to travel.

Discover Which Reward Program Is Best For You

Based on your individual info, we’ll provide you with a customised list of reward programs that’ll best allow you to earn the points you need to fulfil your travel goals. We don’t just provide a general overview, we break it down for you by showing you a diverse range of credit card programs, their benefits, and where to apply.

Earn the Most Points Possible

Already part of a reward program? No worries. We can help you earn smarter. Our Reward Engine suggests the most relevant options based on your current point balance. Just enter how many points you have, and we’ll help you get the max benefit from these.

Travel the world for Free*

Yes, you will be rewarded! That’s the whole point of this right? We will let you know where in the world you can travel, by paying with your points. One of our travel pros can even help you book your travel. Whether your point balance is on the modest side, or you’ve been earning big, let Max My Points get your journey started.