Do I need to pay to use your website?

No, our Reward Engine is 100% free to use. We’ve created this with our customers in mind, where we want to provide as much information as possible so people can learn, compare and choose between the reward programs best suited to them.

How can I stay in touch with the latest news from Max My Points?

We love sharing our insights and knowledge with our audience. It’s easy to subscribe to our digital newsletter, that’s full of the latest reward program news and trends. You can sign up here. You can also learn more about reward programs and travel by following us on social media.

Can I contact you?

Yes. For all enquiries, please get in touch via our Contact Page.

Do you offer consultancy?

Yes, we can provide a one-on-one consultancy service to help you find the most suitable frequent flyer and credit card programs for your needs. This is different to our online Reward Engine. Note, one-on-one consultancy is fee based. For more information, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


How reliable is the Reward Engine?

The Reward Engine is built using sophisticated technology and research methodology. It compiles and computes a vast range of information from the most comprehensive database, enabling users to identify and compare an unparalleled range of offers from frequent flyer and credit card companies.

How frequently is the Reward Engine updated?

The Reward Engine is updated continually, to ensure all of the data is current and accurate.

Why didn't the Reward Engine find any results?

When this occurs, it is usually because there is no flight offered by an airline linked to the frequent flyer program you have. Alternatively, other information you have entered may not match the requirements for your query.


How do I know how many points I already have with my credit card?

You can check this with your credit card provider. We do not offer this service.

My current reward program doesn't’ satisfy me. How difficult is it to switch to a new one?

Switching to a new program is straightforward and can take just a couple of minutes. Changing to a more suitable program can enable you to benefit from that reward flight much quicker!

How do I know if I meet the requirements for a specific reward program offered through Max My Points?

After completing your search with our Reward Engine, you can check if you meet the credit card requirements by clicking the appropriate “Apply Now” button found within your set of results. This will open an application on the credit card provider’s website.


What is the booking process?

Max My Points can help you book your a frequent flyer award flight. Just click on “Book Now” after using the Reward Engine for travel and you will be taken to a quick, online booking form. This is not an online booking, just an enquiry. After submitting, our team will endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible.

How long does the booking process take?

The Max My Points team will aim to get in touch with you within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Who takes care of the booking process?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Max My Points Team.

What if I don’t have enough points, can I still book a flight with you?

Of course, there are varying ways you might be able to achieve a reward flight. Please get in contact with us so we discuss your options.