The Max My Points Story

Max My Points, established in 2016 by an experienced Australian entrepreneur, hatched out of the desire to combine substantial expertise in reward programs with a passion for all things travel.

Loyalty rewards, made easy.

In identifying that there was an invaluable market opportunity to turn this passion into a profitable business, Max My Points naturally grew into a strong team of like-minded individuals.

Propelled by a will to share this industry knowledge in a simple way, the Max My Points team devised and developed a cutting-edge solution – the Max My Points Reward Engine – enabling consumers to both connect with reward providers and to ultimately, enhance their travel experiences.

Through a combination of meticulous research and analytics, leading digital technology and strong industry expertise, the Max My Points team strive to empower overwhelmed consumers as well as drive traffic to businesses in this sector.

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Mission Statement

Who is Max My Points?

MaxMyPoints is the innovation of an Australian entrepreneur that hatched out of a strong desire to simplify the intricate world of loyalty reward programs for consumers. Our interactive Reward Engine not only engages and provides consumers with tailored, user-friendly information, it connects consumers with relevant reward program providers by driving traffic to their platforms.

What We Stand For.

Being rewarded, and importantly utilising your rewards, shouldn’t be hard work. We believe that if you put the work in, you have the right to enjoy the benefits. MaxMyPoints sifts through the tonnes of loyalty information available for consumers to save them time, brainpower and importantly, connect them with the reward program that’s most beneficial for them. We want to help people get the absolute most out of their reward programs, simply because they deserve nothing less.

What Do We Do?

MaxMyPoints is the first Australian company to provide a comprehensive online resource that both educates consumers, and connects them with the right people, in the complex world of loyalty reward programs. We do so by showing consumers the best loyalty reward programs for them, linking consumers with reward providers, helping consumers maximise their current points and the rewards — where consumers can travel in the world with that stack of points!

Who does Max My Points benefit?

We create opportunities for two target segments.

We allow consumers to get the max out of their loyalty reward programs. Our leading Reward Engine allows us to provide a rich range of options always tailored to suit the individual consumer’s needs. When the time comes to redeem those well-earned points, we help the consumer achieve their travel dreams by showing them where in the world they can go, with their points. We are also an intermediary for connecting businesses within the industry with consumers who are seeking their services. Credit Card and Frequent Flyer Reward Providers are featured in the MaxMyPoints Reward Engine when one of their programs fits the consumer’s requirements. Consumers can get a short snippet of an individual program, and then be taken to the provider’s website to apply.