Bonus Points For Every Dollar Spent

Bonus Points For Every Dollar Spent

A factor to consider when selecting the right reward credit card, is the actual earning rate on your spend.

Many credit card providers offer bonus categories, where you can earn bonuses for your spend on travel, dining, supermarkets or fuel. Many of these expenses are recurring, so if you earn double or triple points on these transactions it can assist in growing your reward.

Other Card Benefits

Besides points on your spending, many credit cards also offer other fantastic benefits. Does your card offer Travel Insurance? Airline lounge access? Preferred Hotel Rates? Status in other loyalty reward programs?

Card providers are offering various travel related benefits like these to entice their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Some of these benefits can provide enormous benefits to your travel plans. You will need to decide which benefits are most valuable to you, but it may be worth applying for a card with a higher annual fee, which provides you with these additional benefits.


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